Danita Tegethoff Celebrates 10 Years with Paulsen

March 19, 2018

Danita Tegethoff, account activity manager, is celebrating 10 years at Paulsen.

She started as a production coordinator, handling traffic and proofing documents. Her role has only expanded from there—she now keeps her colleagues organized and on task.

“I like the variety, because I do so many different things. I’m a geek, and I love proofreading,” she says.

“We are so fortunate to have Danita on our team,” says Marcus Squier, VP, client services, with Paulsen. “Danita balances a million details and deadlines all with a wonderful attitude.”

Danita also likes that she’s sticking to her roots by working in the ag marketing field, since she grew up on a farm and her father and brothers still farm.

“I like feeling connected to them and that I’m still helping them in their ag endeavors because we’re promoting the ag industry,” she says. “Farming is a hard way to make a living, and they’re brave people to be doing that.”

Danita says that she appreciates the flexibility that Paulsen provides and how the company promotes family activities outside of work time. Family is important to Danita, as she and her husband are the parents of 4-year-old twins.

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